Client Testimonials

Wayne and the Mairen Homes team,

We want to express for the record how pleased we are with the new home that we purchased from you in Elboya. The negotiation was quick and straight forward; the early occupancy was seamlessly accommodated; and the post possession date service outstanding. The punch list items were taken care of without issue and our requested addons accommodated at great pricing.

Along the way, Wayne has become a friend. An excellent experience and outcome to say the least.

Michael and Caron Stewart


Thank you for all the time and energy you and the Mairen Homes team put in to make our home a dream come true. From finding a lot to build on and planning our dream home to seeing the construction progress to make that home a reality, your expertise has been an invaluable resource in making the final product perfection.

In planning, your years of experience and patient approach made us feel that no stone was left unturned. Regardless of the number of questions or ideas that were brought to the table, you carefully considered all possible alternatives, weighed each one based on your extensive experience and the associated cost, and facilitated a thorough discussion that truly made us feel like each detail was meticulously planned.

When those plans turned to reality throughout construction, your keen eye and impressive ability to consider the small details and the big picture simultaneously gave us comfort that our home was in the best of hands. Your discerning eye continually identified improvements or discussion points that reflected your immense experience, and we always knew that each and every aspect of our home was being built to the upstanding quality for which Mairen Homes is known, all while providing accurate and timely cost estimates and updates.

Walking through our finished home, we can see how this has all come together to form an exceptionally well planned, beautifully built, and impeccably finished home. Your incredible patience at every step of this process addressing all of our questions and through your own careful inspection of our home gave us the utmost confidence in the team. Even now, after completion, your accessibility and care in answering our questions ensure we understand every aspect of our new home and reflects the high level of customer service for which Mairen Homes is known. Throughout the process, it was truly evident that you put in a level of care as though our home were your own.

This house became our dream home under your watchful eye, experience, and continual adherence to only the highest quality standards that make Mairen Homes the only home builder we'd use in the future.


Daniela M.

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the work you have done to complete our living room and home. Your team was very professional, easy to work with and very prompt in completing tasks.

Your Mairen Homes' team has gone above and beyond all expectations with regards to our renovation project. Researching the best way to support and install a new wood burning fireplace in our living room. They offered many suggestions with regards to materials and style which were greatly appreciated.

Your project manager, Jesse, was always available and excellent at keeping tabs on all outstanding items to be completed. He was on-site and managed the sub-contractors as well. We even had our neighbours comment on how great he was to work with.

Our job was done with care and precision. Mairen Homes always left our home clean and tidy by the end of the day. They took special care to prevent any of the job dust from trailing throughout the house.

We are extremely happy with the outcome and so happy we chose Mairen Homes to complete our renovation. They provided an accurate initial assessment of the scale and cost of our project. They wee also flexible in their schedule to accommodate our additional requests.

We absolutely love our new fireplace and walk-out living room space/ It is our favourite place in the house. It is everything we dreamed of - we are extremely happy with the finished product. Thank you for all your time, energy, and excellent craftsmanship!


Mike & Joey Cowan

We are eternally grateful to Mairen Homes for their willingness to travel out of area, troubleshoot and salvage our renovation project in BC.

Because of myriad challenges our renovation went from simple to extensive and complex, involving many other previous construction deficits.

Being out of area, we were not able to resolve the issues and approached Mairen Homes for their help, knowing it is not their usual scope of construction.

The Mairen Homes team took up the challenge and within a reasonable timeframe, transformed a home owner’s nightmare into a beautiful home away from home.

Mairen Homes completed the project with professionalism and cooperation. Forethought, organization, thoroughness and excellent craftsmanship is evident.

Budget and site issues were well communicated and our plans, along with many inevitable changes, and additions, were incorporated with minimal impact on the overall project.

Having gone through several construction projects, Wayne and Mairen Homes are our choice for trustworthiness and professionalism.

The Montgomerys

Please know I am more than happy to recommend Mairen Homes and particularly you to your prospective clients. As always, I am very willing to open my home and to share my positive experience working with you. Your work ethic has obviously attracted a very professional, neat and courteous group of knowledgeable craftsmen. You are always quick to respond to any of my calls. Any changes or small issues that I have had, (one due to Calgary’s unpredictable weather shifts) were resolved to my satisfaction without hesitation on your part. The number of people that have commented on the beauty of our home is staggering and many say it is their favourite house in Elboya.

Every single corner and room in our home was very well thought out and built taking into consideration how people live and use space. I own a business that helps clients organize and settle into new homes,- so I’d like to think of myself as a bit of a space expert. Before the purchase of this home I looked with a critical eye at every closet, cupboard and shelf. - I could not find anything about it that I would change to improve it. The workmanship is detailed and of high quality.

It is amazing to think that we have been living in our home for over one year now. I would not hesitate to recommend your company - in fact I would practically insist that friends and family have you build their dream home. Wayne you are kind, honest, respectful, and attentive. Mairen Homes has always been generous in supporting any and all of our community events and I would always strongly recommend your company! I’ll show my Mairen Home off any day!



We would like to thank the Mairen Homes team for making our dream home come true. The project encompassed all stages of home construction, including the initial lot purchase, design, permitting, construction and inspections, and finishing. Throughout this process, our experience involved collaboration, accountability, and consistent customer service, which gave us confidence and comfort in the team building our home.

Regular communications included not only regular site meetings, but discussions whenever an important decision arrived during the course of construction. Due to the care and diligence the Mairen Homes team put into the project, we knew they were approaching the project as though they were building their family’s own home. Their eye for practicality and aesthetics made the project progress smoothly, on budget, and with meticulous craftsmanship.

Now, having reached the conclusion of the construction project, we can walk through our dream home with pride and confidence that every detail was thought-out and considered, and know that this level of quality and diligence is truly reflective of the Mairen Homes standard.

Anthony M.

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the experience you provided our family along our new home "journey". We say experience, because we believe that building a home is about much more than the bricks and mortar, it is the interaction between the builder and the homeowner, setting the foundation for home.

Yes, Mairen built us a beautiful home. The craftsmanship and thoughtful planning are all there. But more important to us was the trust built along the way. The responsiveness to our ideas, changes and requests. The genuine attempt to understand our wishes, and put them into practice. The honest and open discussion around what went well, and what didn’t.

Learning that we were bringing four young boys to the street, the team let the neighbours know...and our doorbell has been constantly ringing with neighbourhood kids since the day we moved in. This has nothing to do with building a house, but everything to do with building community.

We are left with a feeling of trust, that the Mairen team will do the right thing for their customer, because that's what they've done along the way. And that feeling of trust in your builder, is fundamental to building a positive customer experience and a house that feels like home on Day 1. Thank you!!


Shane, Susan & Family

When Leonardo Dicaprio's team contacted me to find a home to stay for him and his entourage while shooting Revenant, I contacted one of the premier builders in the city and we staged this home to perfection on short notice. We had 10 days to put together a fully equipped home, 6 bedrooms, new furniture, gym, games, TV's, kitchen wear, hot tub, custom embroidered towels, you name it. No expenses spared. It was an experience to meet them all and to work together with this builder to put together a home Leo loved. Just sold, congrats Mairen Homes.

Daren Gull